Saturday, June 17, 2006

Reggae Night at Club Aura, Seoul (3.18.06)

Reggae Band #2 - If you closed your eyes, you could be listening to Johnny Holt in a Jamaican dancehall! Posted by Picasa

Back in February, my main man, Corey called to tell me he heard about a reggae night happening somewhere in Seoul. Up until that point, many people heard me groaning about being dumbfounded that after 3 months I still hadn’t found a reggae venue in Korea. I didn’t even really need live music. I just knew there had to be SOME PLACE in Seoul where people danced to reggae, and I was frustrated that I hadn’t found it yet!

I must admit that I didn’t have high hopes, but I was pleasantly surprised by what we found. Funkafric Booster was playing when we got there. We couldn’t see the band as we descended the stairs into the club, but I remember thinking to myself, That drummer is playing a real dancehall beat!

Funkafric Booster - The drummer is a BEAST! (translation: she's awesome!) Posted by Picasa

Both bands blew me away! As did my man, Francois, the dreadlocked Frenchman spinning everything from dub, Jacob Miller and Dennis Brown to Morgan Heritage, Capleton and I-Wayne.

Ryong & Francois, Club Aura, Seoul Posted by Picasa

Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a place that consistently plays reggae every weekend, but any time Francois hips me to a reggae night somewhere, I am there. These are photos from the March 18th Irie Reggae Vibes night at Club Aura in Seoul. Attendance was light, but the music and vibes were indeed Irie.

Myung Mee & Ana Posted by Picasa

Julia, Ana & Angela - we had the dance floor to ourselves between sets Posted by Picasa

Julia, Corey & Eva - Corey's my main man here Posted by Picasa

Rose, Julia & Ana, some of my favorite people Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright mate Im a teacher in Seoul. Just wondering how I can find somewhere that plays reggae in Seoul.
I've actually also lived in Belize when I was a kid for 4 years and Guatemala for 5 years a few years ago so I love your post that I randomly found looking for reggae.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Mark Nelson said...

Dude, I am feeling your pain man. I am looking for some Irie vibes in Seoul and have yet to find anything. There is a band called Koncrete Jungle but I think they are more about...well, let's say not roots reggae.

5:39 PM  

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