Saturday, June 17, 2006

Thailand (4.29.06 - 5.6.06)

After a month in Korea I told myself it would be best not to travel outside of the country until I could do so without worrying about getting back to work on time. Would it really be worth it to visit another country for just a week?


I love Thailand! The food is incredibly delicious and healthy! The people are overwhelmingly friendly and helpful! The diving was amazing! And everything was so inexpensive! Even the climate was more to this southern man’s liking than the fickle weather of Korea!

We had a week long vacation. The lure of great food and diving, plus the good fortune of finding an excellent deal on a flight at the last minute made Thailand impossible to resist. And I’m glad I didn’t. I met up with my friend, Nadine to dive Koh Tao for a few days.

Nadine, Grand Palace Grounds, Bangkok, Thailand Posted by Picasa

One of Nadine’s good friends is half Thai, so we were blessed to have his family take care of us in Bangkok. And boy, did they take care of us! Nok and her family spoiled us rotten. I’m sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed Thailand half as much if it weren’t for their hospitality. Nok and her sister picked us up from the airport at some ungodly hour (well after midnight) and took us to dinner on our way to an apartment they let us use while we were in Bangkok. The entire family took us out to restaurants with amazing food, and helped us experience Bangkok in a much less touristy way.

Nok & Family, Bangkok, Thailand Posted by Picasa

I love Thai food! Posted by Picasa

Of course, we did do the touristy things too.

Reclining Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand Posted by Picasa

No dive shots this time, but here’s a view from the bungalow we stayed in on Koh Tao.

view from Freedom Beach bungalow, Koh Tao, Thailand Posted by Picasa


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