Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Yes We Can!" & Counting Blessings

With so many changing variables, life has been a whirlwind of friends and family covering thousands of miles across three continents for the past few months. Sorry for the hiatus. updates, photos and personal emails are forthcoming.

But right now, I just had to let you know that my entire being is invigorated, and I am very happy right now!

Since I believe religion is a construct of man that humans have used to oppress and kill one another, I am not a religious person (I can’t believe in a god that would have people killing one another in his name), but I am spiritual. I believe in a Creative Energy that many refer to as God or the Supreme Being, and I believe that when we wholeheartedly work towards realizing our goals, the Universe conspires to help us.

Whether this help comes in the form of serendipitous acquaintances or tasting my mom’s cooking, these are blessings. And acknowledging these blessings is a way of giving thanks which augments positive energy and keeps the good blessings flowing through us.

So today I am counting my blessings. I’m thankful for my good health and high spirits. I’m appreciative that Mom continues to share her beautiful smile and infectious laughter with the world on a daily basis, despite the pain and discomfort of chemotherapy. I’m grateful that I was able to hug, kiss and cook for my family in Charleston just a couple of weeks ago. I’m grateful that my home state represented, giving me the opportunity to hear our next president’s victory speech (Brother Obama after the SC Dem Primaries) at an internet café in Bahia while the Escola Olodum procession vibrated the buildings of Pelourinho with their thundering Samba rhythms. I’m grateful for the broadest palette of feminine beauty I’ve ever seen – well proportioned bodies in hues from vanilla to deep dark chocolate smiling and dancing (with rhythm!), and befriending a solo traveler at every turn! I’m grateful for the tons of new friends who are too numerous to mention here (You know who you are ;). But I have to thank Erin for letting me leave a ton of luggage in her room in Korea, Alina for her hospitality and for being the conduit through which I met so many cool people on Gili Trawangan and Lombok, Ward and the Peace Corps Volunteers who invited me to their new year’s eve dinner on Boracay, Cynthia and Taji (& family) for their visit and care packages through the years, Tati for lending me her “couch” until I found an apartment, and Shamyra for connecting me to a ton of Bahia contacts. I’m grateful that I found the apartment I was hoping for at the price I was hoping for, even though everyone told me I was insane to think I’d be so lucky during carnival. I’m grateful to be dancing to live, African rooted world class music on the beaches and streets of Bahia. I’m overjoyed at the fact that my soul is vibrant and smiling…

I’m an incurable optimist. I plan for the worst, but hope for the best. I don’t take my good luck for granted, but I set plans in motion and expect good things to happen. The beautiful thing is that despite the odds, good things usually do happen. I’m smiling as I think about my good fortune right now, and I’m reminded to be grateful for my parents, once again, for instilling within me an incurable sense of optimism. All things are possible when we truly believe they are.

I plan to post updates from Indonesia, The Philippines and Bahia after carnival. In the mean time, I just wanted you to know that I am happy, healthy, loving life and counting my blessings. I hope you are too.

PS – No, the book is not yet finished. I’ll be here in Bahia until it is.
PS2 – If you’re in one of the Super Tuesday states make sure you get out and show the world that the people of the US are not as dimwitted as Bush makes us seem, and that we are ready for change in the form of Barack Obama.
PS3 - If you´re in Charleston and in need of a therapeutic massage, give my mom a call: (843)814-3698


Blogger sj-the-infamous said...

Fabulous! Always a joy to read you...and find out where your journey has taken you next! Peace mi amigo, sj

11:48 AM  
Blogger Mr. Ellington said...

I'm sorry that we missed each other when you passed through. I was actually out of town doing a gig. Hillary is pulling out all of the stops, but I believe that Obama will do it.

9:30 AM  
Blogger MUATA NOWE said...


Keep moving, Brotha!

I marvel at your life that includes so much optimism.

As you travel the world, stay the man you have proven to be: STRONG, CARING, and POSITIVE.

-Muata from Muata Truth Telling

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zik!!!
I happened upon your spot. All I can say is WOW!! You are doing big things, my brotha! Keep it up!
I sent an email to your personal account. Look for may go to spam (LOL)!

2:26 AM  
Blogger Wendy City said...


I recognize your drumming scene from the Pelourinho! :) :) :) I was in Brazil for about a month this past January and LOVED salvador!

Anyway, I found your blog because I did a search for "" to see if I could find reviews.

I am considering becoming employed there and am looking for honest opinions? Do you have anything to offer? :) Also, do you know if they allow married people to bring their spouse?

12:45 PM  

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