Monday, July 17, 2006

Updates Coming Soon (7.17.06)

Soon I'll be writing about Korean Nationalism, men in pink, the Mud Festival, my soccer team's awards night, and why I love everything about Italy EXCEPT their current national soccer team, in the mean time, here are a few more photos.

"Azikiwe" using Hangul characters + Fair Play & Defender MVP Awards Posted by Picasa

Hee Rang @ Korean BBQ when Korea was still in the World Cup Posted by Picasa

SLI Crew (my coworkers), the night Korea was knocked out of the World Cup - Rick, Dave, Mike & OC (Mike) Posted by Picasa

Lokomotiv Goyang Awardees - Kieran, Rachid, "Ash", Jason, Mounir & Mike Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your MVP award! Job well done!

I like your belt buckle too! I was trying to read it, does it say "Happiness" or "Love" in Hangul?? It looks similar to the Chinese symbol "Happiness"....

12:00 AM  
Blogger Azikiwe Chandler said...

Nah, the belt buckle is Gye Nyame, a revered Ghanaian symbol meaning, "I fear none except God," It's a symbol of the omnipotence and immortality of God. Thanks for the compliment. Glad you like it.

12:13 AM  

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