Saturday, July 29, 2006

Italian World Cup Training Camp

Italian World Cup Training Camp

Italy lead this year's World Cup with 32 dives, Portugal came in 2nd with 24. -July 9, 2006 Washington Post article citing the British company, Information Builders.

I've read a few editorials criticizing Zidane for "ending his career in shame." True, you want your captain to be able to keep a cool head under all circumstances. However, as far as I'm concerned, it is far more shameful to spend so much time trying to fake out the referee (instead of relying on one's skills) than it is to headbutt one of the pansies who do such things - especially if the drama queen just insulted your sister after pulling your shirt to keep you from making a play!

Italy would not have been in the final if not for Grosso's dive in the penalty box against Australia in the last minute of the game.

We all have missteps and can be pushed to the brink where we act on instinct rather than logic. Keep in mind that it is superior talent combined with superior instinct which elevates professional athletes above those of us who are weekend warriors. Judge a man by the majority of his deeds rather than mistakes made in the heat of battle. Fortunately the majority of journalists attending the 2006 World Cup did just that, and awarded Zidane the Golden Ball as The Most Valuable Player of the Tournament.

I still LOVE most things Italian: hospitality, people, food, art, architecture, sculpture, etc., but right now I detest calcio Italiano.

PS - FYI, the US was booked for only 5 dives.


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