Friday, August 04, 2006

Don’t Believe The Hype!

I wonder why more people know about Mel Gibson’s drunken tirade than these statistics?

FYI, as of July 28th, this is a brief score card to keep in mind the next time the media tries to make you believe that “Israel’s response has been measured”. Keep in mind that these statistics were compiled before Israel bombed a shelter, killing 37 children and 12 women.

The Mounting Toll:
* Number of Lebanese people killed in the two-week conflict: 422, of whom 375 were civilians.
* A further 27 Hezbollah guerrillas have been killed and 20 Lebanese soldiers.
* Number of Israeli dead since the conflict began: 42, of whom 18 were civilians and 24 soldiers.
* Number of Palestinians killed by Israel in the Gaza Strip since the capture of Corporal Gilad Shalit: 121.
* Number of Israeli air strikes on Lebanon yesterday: 100.
* Hezbollah rockets fired yesterday: 80.
* The Israel Defence Force claimed yesterday to have hit 10 Hezbollah buildings.
* That adds up to an estimated $1 billion in damage to infrastructure.
* Number of Lebanese bridges destroyed: 105
* Number of Israeli bridges destroyed: 0.
* Number of Lebanese ports bombed: 3.
* Estimate of the number of Lebanese people displaced in the fighting: 750,000.
* Lebanon has 2,000 UN troops who have been in the south since 1978.
* The value of arms exported to Israel from the UK in the past 18 months: £25m.
* United States “aid” to Israel: $5 billion a year?
* The number of Britons evacuated from Lebanon by yesterday evening: 2,526.
* Israel’s military spending: $9.45billion (in 1995); Lebanon: $540

Stats courtesy of via Rob Ellington


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good information to keep on hand. Thanks for sharing with us the "true" statistics of the war

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why I dig your spirit.


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