Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Similan Islands, Thailand (10.26.06 - 10.28.06)

"Did you see the sharks?" asked Sue, Steve's wife?

I have no interest in seeing Great White Sharks, Bull Sharks or anything else that can eat me while I’m scuba diving, but since the sharks in question were harmless little reef sharks (Black Tips, White Tips and Leopards), my reply was a disappointed, “No.”

That was after one of the first dives during a 3-day trip to Thailand’s Similan Islands, one of the top 10 dive destinations in the world. And truth be told, I was only slightly disappointed because the rest of the wildlife and coral were abundant and incredibly impressive!

The visibility was good, and by time I came up from my 10th dive, the only things I hadn’t seen were whale sharks and manta rays (it’s the wrong season for such spottings). Bat Fish, Barracuda, Trumpet Fish, Stone Fish, schools of Fusiliers, giant clams, sharks, etc – The Similans are teeming with life! There was a smorgasbord of colors and activity to keep me in awe of Mother Nature.

I did my 50th dive on this trip, and the Similans have trumped The Great Barrier Reef, Belize, Honduras, and The Galapagos Islands to become my favorite site. I think I was being dazzled by the abundant life and explosions of color in and around the football field sized coral gardens at the site, East of Eden when I had the revelation. I remember smiling as I thought to myself, “I’m diving in Thailand!” and pictured myself swimming through one of the National Geographic articles that fascinated me as a kid.

Photos are courtesy of Harry, my cool German Dive Master. He took some great shots, but trust me when I say these photos do NOT do the sights justice.

Dive Boat Posted by Picasa

Ready Posted by Picasa

Descending into "Le Grand Bleu." Posted by Picasa

greeted by schooling fish Posted by Picasa

Blue Spotted Ray Posted by Picasa

Octopi are so intriguing, I could spend an entire 50 minute dive spellbound by an octopus’s movements & camouflage techniques. Posted by Picasa

But the rest of the group wanted to see tiny reef fish, families of clown fish protecting their anemones, moray eels and a plethora of other wildlife we didn’t capture on film.

Pop quiz: Angel Fish, Lion Fish or Scorpion Fish? Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Zik!!! It's Lisa Martin (Stroud) from Red 2 (first year NCCC). I haven't had the time to read your entire blog yet. But, I will try to find the time. I do have 2 kids, you know - I really don't have the time for anything. It sounds like you are fulfilling your dreams and traveling the world. I am truly happy for you. Have you heard from Yo(landa Phoenix)? Janora said that she used to speak to her and then communication ended after hurricane Katrina. Well, keep in touch. My email is

1:15 PM  
Blogger Jeong-Eui = justice said...

Azikiwe! are you back yet? you are greatly missed. when are you coming back? i know you told me but i can't remember! :) i remember realising you wouldn't be here for my birthday and i was bummed. i am planning a weekend event...3 days! i will be 32!! did i say i miss you? ummmmm, okay. it looks like you are having a awesome time brotha! be safe and i can't wait to see you when you get back! peace- adalia

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