Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Roots Vibe Party - Club DGBD, Seoul (9.9.06)

Windy City at their studio with Gold Tea & DJ Seafran Posted by Picasa

It was an excellent night!

Up until this night, I had been frustrated with clubs starting concerts at 8pm and ending the show before they had a crowd to appreciate the music. I worked hard to get the word out for this concert because I didn't want the organizers to get the impression that Korea's still not ready for reggae. I got a nice crowd of foreigners to come out, but of course most of them showed up around 10:30 (still early by western standards). By Korean standards they had missed most of the show. Usually the late comers would be SOL (out of luck). But my man, Ban-Jang, the leader of Windy City, would have none of it that night!

The show should have ended shortly after 11pm with a collaboration piece featuring the last three acts. But Ban-Jang saw the crowd still feeling the vibes and asked, "Do you want some more?!"

The amped crowd yelled back, "YEAH!!!" And with that Windy City played on for another hour and a half to the crowd's amazement and delight!

All of the performances were solid, but I am most grateful for Windy City, Gold Tea, Shadow and DJ Sea Fran for keeping the party going!

One of Windy City's reggae tunes is finally in a video format that I could upload. Loosely translated, tha title is "This Crazy World". Amoung other things, they speak against the invasion of Iraq. Cool People + Positive Vibes = Beautifully Conscious Music. I love the cats! Check 'em out:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Azikiwe, this is Yardia Ruffin (Jamison), it has been way too long since I have last seen you. You look wonderful and I am so excited for you and the steps you are taking and have taken thus far in life. I normally don't respond on anyone's page, but yo, I have to say, this Korean Reggae is mad live. I love it.

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