Thursday, October 05, 2006

Anthony Hamilton Live in Korea! (9.27.06)

Anthony Hamilton - Yongsan Military Base, Korea Posted by Picasa

Still lovin life and feeling blessed, y'all! I got to see Anthony Hamilton live right here in Korea! And it was an excellent show!

Anthony Hamilton has been one of my favorite artists since the first time I heard Comin' From Where I'm From. Like India Arie and Kindred The Family Soul, I will buy ANYTHING they produce as soon as it goes on sell because I know it will be real and positive.

Here's what I love about the brother: He had the women in the audience swooning as he crooned the lyrics to Float. High school age girls were still screaming his name as he concluded the song. While other performers might have invited the girls on stage for a booty shaking contest, this is the point at which he said, "See, they're listening. We need to talk to them when they're listening. Young ladies, make sure you hold on to your special things. Don't let these lil' fast boys talk you into giving your special things away. Remember, you're special..."

The brother writes and sings songs from the heart, and he is a responsible artist who recognizes and uses the power of music to educate, encourage and uplift. His music is edutainment, music with soul and consciousness.

Most of his band has been with him from the beginning, and his wife, one of the back-up singers was introduced to him by another back-up singer who’s been with him from the beginning. That’s loyalty and family… and it shines through in their music!

I attended the last of 3 free shows he did for US military personnel stationed in Korea. I gotta thank my friend, Jeryl, as well as her friends, Sherry and Terry for getting me on base to experience the show. I also have to thank my coworker and friend, Dave for covering one of my classes so I could make the midweek show. Finally, I gotta thank the man himself, Anthony Hamilton for truly Keeping It Real! Brother got off stage to dance with the sisters during Sista Big Bones, y'all! AND he stayed for well over an hour after the show to autograph posters for everyone who wanted one!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look good in the pic.... i didn't realize how short A. Hamilton is!;-) Glad you got the opportunity to experience him live and in person! He's a great artist and musician.

The video was hype!

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